These programs are designed for spiritual centers or groups to provide support for men in developing a deeper personal expression of their spirituality, connection to themselves, other men, and their communities.

  1. Bullet    Men’s Group Manual: How to start a men’s group in your community                                      


  1. Bullet    Growing Your Men’s Group: Creating a long-term sustainable group

  1. Bullet    A Men’s Group into a Men’s Ministry: Expanding your circle of community

  1. Bullet    Good to GREAT: Take your ministry to the next level of excellence & service


  1. Bullet    Create a Retreat: 1, 2, 3...... Ok, there might be a few more steps


  1. Bullet    Prayers, Practices & Rituals: For greater personal & group empowerment


  1. Bullet   Young Men’s Passages Program: Rite of Passage for Teens 13 to 16

     We are working with the Mens Leadership Alliance in offering an amazing program.

  1. Bullet    Entering the World: A support program for young adults 18 to 29


  1. Bullet   Mentor Training Program: Learn to be a mentor to someone in your community

Support Programs                           

  1.    Enliven your Relationship

  2.     Old Job, New Job, Who Job, You Job

  3.     Holistic Health & Wellbeing

  4.     Getting Married

  5.     Becoming a Father

  6.     Mid-Life Transitions

  7.     Divorce Recovery

  8.     Generative Elderhood

  9.     Dying, Loss & Grieving